DeedPro features:

Generates legal descriptions from plot plans (based on user defined phrases, basic legal descriptions are output for use in word-processing packages).

Converts existing legal descriptions into plot plans (will read ASCII legal descriptions and output the resulting survey, user can then alter calls as needed and print the resulting survey).

Converts surveyor's field notes directly to plot plans.

Multiple entry method: Standard (N 20 10 W 200), Quadrant (20.10+4 200), Azimuth (290.10 200).

Multiple views (view multiple deeds or multiple copies of the same deed for comparison and verification).

Identifies property statistics (closing errors, acreage, North arrow. etc.).

Many screen and report features can be customized to match your preferences. These features include: fonts, colors, units of measure, printing scale, line thickness, survey tick characteristics, and selective plotting of survey attributes (text annotation).

Prints out on any Windows supported printer.

System Requirements

This software requires the following system conditions in order to operate:

    · Operating system - Windows 7, .8, 8.1 (32 or 64), NT, 2000, XP, Vista.

DeedPro is designed to work with a screen resolution of  at least 1024x768 but also works with alternate resolutions.
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