DeedPro is used by hundreds of government agencies, law offices, engineering firms, oil, gas and mining companies, and other businesses that do large volumes of survey entry. Small companies and individuals will also appreciate this easy-to-use program. Thousands of deeds have been created with DeedPro since 1996.

This is the very same Oasis.DeedPro that was sold by Understanding Systems, Inc. DeedPro Software, LLC has had a partnership with Understanding Systems, Inc since 1996.  Now, DeedPro is sold exclusively through this website.

DeedPro is targeted towards individuals or companies that need a quick and easy to use program for inputting, storing, and reporting survey data.  Examples include local government agencies, law offices, and engineering firms that perform large volumes of survey entries. A key requirement for these examples is ease of application.  In the examples a key requirement is ease of use.  DeedPro provides an easy to use interface with features each user can modify to their specifications.  DeedPro for Windows is the next generation of a DOS survey program that has been used extensively by local governments and engineering firms.

DeedPro provides functions for entering, storing, and plotting survey note information.  Two methods for data entry are supported.  In addition to standard call entry a shorthand form is supported for rapid data entry.  After entering a series of calls the user can save the calls to an ASCII file.  The ASCII file is accessible at a later date for display, modification, or plotting.  In addition to ASCII files.  Plotting of the survey includes the graphic depiction of the calls with a listing containing calls, closure error, and the required call to close the survey.
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